Yaaay, another month another favourites. I actually did a really smart thing and noted down things I'd be loving throughout the month so I didn't have that horrible planning session at the end of the month trying to think of anything I've used or done and loved. Check me out, actually being organised!

I have been completely and utterly obsessed with one thing this month. It's not makeup or haircare or skincare or clothes - it's Moana. I finally watched it this month and I cannot believe it's taken me this long. I kept starting it and then switching it off because I had other things to do or I wasn't in a sit-down-and-watch-a-film mood, but the day I finally watched it all, I never looked back. I've probably watched it almost every single day this month, I've spoken about it so much that I've actually made my boyfriend want to watch it, and I still have the album playing on repeat when I'm going to and from work and when I'm cleansing in the evenings. If you haven't watched it, do it right now. I can sense that I'm gonna need some sort of Moana merchandise and I definitely need to own the film, which has been added to my birthday wishlist.

In the Glossybox this month, there was a rather unusual product - a whitening toothpaste by Taylor's 32, a brand I've never heard of before. Coincidentally I had just run out of toothpaste and wasn't in the mood to spend money on it so really, it came at the perfect time. I got it in fennel & mint, which is an odd taste but obviously still minty and keeps my mouth feeling fresh. BUT, the best part, IT ACTUALLY WHITENS. I'm always skeptical of whitening toothpastes, I've used Oral-b before and possibly some Colgate ones but I've always felt like the results weren't any good and weren't noticeable, which was what I wanted. My boyfriend has actually commented on how white my teeth look now, he said, and I quote, "they've whitened a lot but not so much that you look like Ross in that episode of Friends." The true sign of a good toothpaste. I'm definitely going to repurchase this in all the flavours because it's only £5. And I'm not joking. I'm going to buy some, and so is my boyfriend, and so should all of you.

taylor's 32
I decided to start a bullet journal after reading THIS post by Linda and I've become fully obsessed with it. I'm constantly on Pinterest pinning bullet journal inspiration photos and practicing my drawings in my draft notebook. I'm quite obsessive and have to draw things out a few times before I can copy it into my bujo, and even then I use pencil just in case mistakes happen. I'm planning a full post on my bullet journal and what's in it so I don't want to go into too much detail, but I think it's the perfect tool to organise your thoughts and explore your creativity. I always thought my creativity was limited to writing, but it's absolutely not and you should push yourself out of your creative comfort zones because you never know what you might discover.

bullet journal
I've been experimenting quite a lot with my photography this month, and it has actually been a successful experiment, much to my surprise. I usually always struggle with photography but it's actually becoming one of my favourite aspects of blogging now, especially since we're getting into Autumn/Winter so I can crack out all the themed seasonal props. I feel like my flatlays have improved massively, and my photography in general, and I actually enjoy them. Thanks to my new wooden board and my marble place-mat, I'm finding it a lot easier to create beautiful flatlays that I can be proud of and actually want to share on my social media. I used to not be able to flatlay at all so I would avoid it at all costs, but if you can figure out what props and layouts work for you, they're really, really fun.

bullet journal
What have you been loving through September?


copper pumpkin


I've decided that these posts, to keep them personal to me, are not going to be full of posts specifically posted during the months that I'm talking about. Instead, they're going to be full of posts that I've discovered for the first time during said month. I tweeted saying how much I like scheduled tweets for this very reason - I'm not on Twitter 24/7 (despite what it may seem like) so more often than not I miss the majority of posts that everyone puts up. I love when I'm having a scroll and I see some promoted posts because it keeps me up to date with a lot of content. I feel like without scheduled tweets, your content gets a little bit lost. To me, anyway. (Please nobody take offense to that, don't schedule tweets if you hate them, I just really like them and see the benefits.)

First up we have my good ol' pal Linda. I've been loving her content a lot recently, she is pulling it out the bag and killing it more with every new post. I came across her first bullet journal post at the start of September, and it inspired me so much that I decided to start my own. Thankfully she linked the journal she bought and I bought one for myself and for my boyfriend so we could start bullet journal-ing. Linda actually made it sound like a fun activity, and made me feel like I could do it, as opposed to making it sound difficult and like something that would be too creative and technical for me. I'm going to be doing a full post on the inside of my bullet journal so I won't go into too much detail here, but I'm obsessed with my journal now and keep opening it to stare at the pages.
Dorkface is a name that everyone knows - Jemma's bright hair and even brighter personality make her really popular in the blogosphere, which is also helped by her ability to bring positivity and kindness to everything. I'm fully in love with her prints on Etsy, most of which I need to buy when I next get paid, and the post I've chosen from her for this post is Starting a Daily Journal. Along the same lines as Linda, Jemma made having a journal sound like so much fun. I'm heavily influenced by other people so after reading that post I bought a journal to start keeping daily logs and just being creative with. I know what you're thinking, isn't that a bullet journal??? Well, no. Because here I can write out my thoughts, things that are bothering me, things to remember, and I don't feel that same need to be extremely neat and meticulous. Thanks to these two girls and their posts, I have both ends of the creative spectrum - neat, well thought out and organised, and messy, full thoughts.
I've become a little bit obsessed with plants this month. It all started with my lone succulent that I bought a few months ago, but then I was sent a cactus by the lovely people at Botanics, and then I was sent a rose plant which I ended up killing via neglect, and now I can't go anywhere without admiring the cacti. Lily did a post about creating your own indoor cacti garden, which features beautiful photography and hypnosis to make you go and buy more plants. I don't think I can quite manage a whole garden, I don't have enough room but she lays out the steps so simply that I'd probably actually find it quite easy to do. Thankfully cacti are relatively hard to kill so I think I'm safe there.
One post that I keep going back to this month is by LexiLife and it's about how to be in front of the camera as opposed to behind it. Her tips are so useful and each time I read the post I feel so inspired to start experimenting a lot more with my photos. Her photography is gorgeous, as you can tell by her Instagram feed, and I love that this post is a little insight into how she works her photography magic. It's good to experiment with photography from time-to-time, I've not quite reached the stage where I'm experimenting with myself in my photos but it's something I'd like to work on, so I'm very thankful that I stumbled across this post.

I don't actually think any of these were posted in September and I really wish I cared, but I just want to share some of my favourite content with you all.

What posts have you been loving this month?



So a few months ago I did a few posts detailing how I photograph and how I find my ideas for posts, so I think the only aspect of my routine missing is how I go about planning and writing these posts so they're at a stage where I can publish them. It is quite extensive, I will admit that myself, but it works for me and that's all that matters.

I have a LOT of blogging notebooks and whilst I do tell myself that they all serve a different purpose, they don't and I really only need one. My first step is writing down the actual idea in this purple notebook. I'm not gonna lie, I hate this notebook because it's full of so much shit. There's stuff for workouts, stuff for work, and then blogging stuff on top of that. It's in no sort of order, just chucked in there, and I hate it but I'm too far gone to stop using it. So this is where the initial ideas go, sometimes I'll write down the dates that I want to publish said ideas for but that never ends up being the case because ideas change all the time and I rarely stick to a schedule.

Next I will briefly write out what I want to include in the post in this little notebook. I'm not sure why I do this step, I thin it's just to make it clear in my head what I want to say and which direction I want to take the post in. It's especially useful for skincare so I can take notes on how I'm getting on with products and what I think of them. It's pretty much a useless step because my next notebook serves the exact same purpose, but I do it anyway. I used to write out my posts fully into a massive pink notebook but that didn't last, I did enjoy it but it took way too long and was slowing my schedule down - for Blogtober especially, that wouldn't have worked at all.

I use the Ultimate Blog Planner from DotCreates in grey to fully plan out my post in more detail, and this is the notebook that I have open next to me when I'm actually typing out the post. I don't fit everything in the designated space that I want to fit in, but I find it really useful as opposed to just typing from memory which, coincidentally, is what I'm doing for this post. Here I am, telling you about my extensive blog post planning method, and I've done approximately none of it for this post. You can't make this stuff up. I love this planner, I find it so handy because you can also track brand collaborations and there's cute little motivation quotes placed throughout it. I think they're releasing a new blog planner soon that I'm probably definitely gonna buy so watch out for that.

As well as these to plan the actual writing of my posts, I have a little marble notebook to plan my blogging to-do lists. I've found this especially useful in the run up to Blogtober because I have so much to do that my brain can't cope - it's much better to write it out in a little to-do list and I feel a tiny bit less stressed. Not much but it's something. I've just started yet another notebook as well to keep track of what I actually need to take photos of; at the minute it's just planning outfits for outfit photos but I'm also going to use it to keep track of what products I need to photograph so that I don't have to turn my laptop on and check each post individually to see what I need to take photos of.

So I think that's everything! It may seem a bit extensive and I know it is, but I'm a planner at heart and I love all my different organisational notebooks. Unfortunately for my shoulder and back, I insist on taking most of these notebooks to work with me, so you can imagine how heavy my bag actually is. Why do I do this to myself?

How do you plan for your posts?



Remember back in the day when your mum would warn you never to speak to strangers on the internet or give out your personal details? Well last week I flew down to Birmingham to meet some strangers on the internet who know everything about me. It's literally every parents worst nightmare.

I'd like to think I have quite a few close online friends - I see myself as quite a friendly person and I love a wee chinwag on Twitter with other bloggers. There's quite a few people who I speak to more regularly than others and would now consider some of my closest friends, which is both amazing and awful because, more often than not, they live quite far away. Hence why I had to get on a plane to meet some of them.

It's a really, really scary thing meeting people that you've become so close with online. There's no awkward silences on WhatsApp or Facebook, there's not that safety of just not reading the message if you can't be bothered to reply. I'm always so nervous to meet them in real life, I feel a twang of panic directly before and quite a bit of anxiety in the days leading up to the meeting. I worry about what I'm going to say, I always worry about it being awkward and the other person not liking me. It's all stupid worry, of course, because everyone I've met has been lovely and they're still my close friends after meeting me which is always a very good sign. I try to not come across as a completely different person online, but I feel like people take one look at me and think "...definitely a catfish."

I just so happened to be added to a little Whatsapp group chat a little while ago, and like all group chats we had a lot of "how old are you?" and "where are you from?" etc etc, we had a few people leave the group chat and a few people added in then they also left, which made our tight-knit friendship group start to form. It started off as a blogging group to discuss blogging, but it very quickly progressed into a place to go to for advice or to say something inappropriate - we genuinely became best friends. And I know the other girls can relate when I say that I don't have a massive group of friends who are girls, because I feel like they tend not to like me for some reason, so having these girls around to ask for help with no judgement was amazing and not what I'm used to at all.

We tried to plan a meetup for months, going through all possible locations and working out prices for me to get there seeing as I live the furthest away, and the day that we set a date and I booked my flights were the 2 most exciting and nerve-wracking days ever. You get so close to these people and you actually forget that you haven't met them yet, because it doesn't feel like it. It just feels like you're old friends, school pals, that have moved away and you still keep in touch constantly. I think the weirdest thing for me was actually seeing them all. I forgot I'd only seen them in photos and to have them just standing in front of me in person was super weird. Having to go back home again was really sad, I've been so close to these girls pretty much since our group chat started and even more so now that we've met, and I really, really missed them.

I'm so thankful to have these girls in my life - they cheer me up whenever I need it and listen to me rant about everything. I'm surprised they've stuck around this long.

Have you ever met any of your internet friends?



Whether you've had a long, stressful day, you're a little bit sad, or you're very happy, a pamper night is the answer to everything. I love nothing more than indulging in a face mask and a long-ass shower and just sitting there until I turn into the more prune-y version of myself. I'm a bit of a weirdo because I don't like baths and I actually don't currently have access to a bath in my home so the aspect of a pamper night that most people love isn't gonna be included. This is tailored specifically to me, and hopefully some more of you bath haters out there!


First up - we gotta have background noise. I have a few songs on Spotify that I love to listen to and mime along to whilst I'm sitting in my room, and my list on Netflix is full of new (and old) things to watch. I'm currently re-watching Once Upon A Time and I cannot stop listening to the Moana soundtrack on repeat, it's a sickness. I refuse to listen to anything else, it's the best thing to sing along to.


You cannot have a pamper night without a facemask. It genuinely cannot be done. It doesn't even need to be a fancy, expensive one - most of my favourites are pretty cheap. I love any Body Shop facemask and I'm a fan of 7th Heaven facemasks too, they take me right back to high school when we'd go to Asda with our pocket money and buy a mud mask to do that evening. The deep pore cleansing range is a firm favourite for me right now, I especially love the peel off one because there's just something so satisfying about feeling like you're peeling a layer of skin off. But don't get it caught on your nose ring. Like I did. Ouch. I've also been loving the charcoal peel off masks, which are going to be released this Autumn. They have been tried and tested by none other than myself and I can verify that they do not hurt when you peel them off, but maybe don't do peel-offs if you have very sensitive skin. I'm very excited about 7th Heavens new launch this season, and they're incredible for the price.


You gotta make your room smell nice since that's where you'll be chillin', face mask on, feet up, relaxing. I actually only have Christmas candles left but I really don't mind because Christmas scents are on a whole other level. I'm a huge candle fan and I'm desperate to go on a massive candle shopping spree as soon as the weather gets colder again - in summer, it gets too warm to have candles lit for ages in the evening. The candle holder pictured was a total Dobbies bargain for like £2 and I've just popped a little tealight in it. I think I actually want to use it as a plant pot, but there's no holes in the bottom so maybe now. It's meant for votives, but does anyone else really struggle to burn votives? As in, I really just don't want to ruin the shape of them. Just me? Okay.


Whilst I do my skincare routine every single night, it just feels more luxurious after doing a facemask. I slap on my array of oils, my favourite being the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate because it smells like lavender and that is just the most relaxing scent ever. The Botanics rosewater facial spray is also a favourite because how luxurious does rosewater sound?! If I really want to go all out, I'll change my sheets just so I can shave my legs and have that amazing feeling when you slide into bed all smooth. My go-to body moisturiser at the minute is Palmer's cocoa butter, I cannot be without this stuff. I've also been loving Zoella's new range, especially the Body Pudding. I smell amazing, I feel amazing. Bed.

I've just written this after having a mini pamper night and I'm so ready to just collapse into bed and have the best sleep ever - but of course, I've done no blogging during the day so it's time to catch up. Sleep is for the weak and well-organised.

What are your pamper night essentials?



I've been so excited for this post for weeks now and now that I've sat down to write it, I got NOTHIN'. Introductions are my downfall.

Myself and my cool new pal Rosie decided a few weeks ago to do a box swap - which is basically sending each other boxes of presents and I firmly believe everyone should get on this hype because it's like Christmas came early. Neither of us stuck to our pretty much non-existent budget and I feel like I've been so spoiled by this amazing little gift fairy; I've only met her twice but she absolutely nailed everything and got me some pieces that I know I'm going to treasure forever. SOPPY. This box was pretty much a bloggers dream box, and you'll see exactly why in a minute.

The first thing I pulled out - SWEETS. Rosie admitted to me that she got me some super cute princess sweets but she actually ate them; I think she made up for it with the Skittles, Haribo and massive bag of chocolate buttons. And here we have the first of many elephants, a mug. I actually have this mug in grey and I just so happened to send her a photo of my desk with my elephant mug on it and she was like "....WHAT IS THAT MUG??!!" I'm beyond happy though because now I have an ele at home AND at work. She also got me some camomile tea to have in my adorable new mug which I hope will make me sleep better and calm me down because I am one stressy human being.

Now we all know how much of a skincare obsessive I am, so when I opened these I literally screamed. I've tried a few bits from The Ordinary and Rosie was buying herself these, and she bought me them too like the little angel she is. This will also make for really good blog content, why does she know me so well??? Genuinely can't wait to get these on my face then on my blog.

We did a really cute friend thing and got each other some matching bracelets, in rose gold because we are bloggers and what other metal would we wear? I got her bracelet with a little R on it and when we meet up next we are absolutely going to take a cute photo with both of them together. I'd also been wanting some little A5 notebooks and Rosie only just went and smashed it by getting me 2 marble ones. Literally perfect for on-the-go blogging and perfect for these photos.

This is possibly the most blogger-esque thing I've ever seen and I cannot believe she literally got me the most perfect blog prop EVER. Take a shot every time I use this in the background of one of my blog photos, you'll be permanently drunk. Basically I need to tidy my entire room now to find the perfect spot for this adorable little L, because it won't fit anywhere right now due to the amount of shit in my room.

I think my favourite thing that she got me was this. An accidental envelope with my address on it. She messaged me after posting it to say that she accidentally taped the address card in to the package and I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life so I had to take a photo to document it. At least her writing is super cute.

Last, but absolutely not least by any means, is this elephant. Pretty strange looking right? It's only bloody HANDMADE. Rosie MADE THIS with her HANDS. I'm in complete awe and admiration of her for completely nailing this and MAKING something that I'm obsessed with. We all know how much I love elephants, and she said the leopard print was inspired by that expensive H&M leopard print coat that I really wanted. I almost cried because she did research and applied it to SOMETHING SHE MADE. Still shook.

I have been well and truly spoiled by this amazing girl - I'll leave all of her links below and if you don't follow her we can't be friends. Everyone needs a little Rosie in their lives.

You can read about what I got for Rosie HERE.


So this product is something I mentioned briefly in my August Favourites, and I promised you all a full review post so that's where we're at now.

I am a serial complainer-of-the-state-of-my-skin, as we all know now. So I was doing my usual crying over the state of my sin and how I felt like it was really at the worst it had been in a while, when I received a DM on Twitter asking me if I wanted to try out something new and I was in no position to be saying no. I was very generously sent the Derma TX Dermatool with the cleanser and microdermasion heads, as well as the Clarify Microdermabrasion Cream. I was a bit skeptical of it all at first and it took me a while to actually get it out and start using it because I had no idea where to start, but once I did I literally never looked back and now I feel a little broken when I don't use it.

Basically - you have the main tool and the 2 attachable heads. You do need 2 AA batteries for the tool, and you just yank the top off and there you go. The bristley head is for cleansing, so I use it with my Cleanse & Polish on the rare occasion that I cleanse in the mornings, but what we're all here for is the microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical, non-invasive procedure that uses a spray of microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells and reveal younger, healthier-looking skin.

The foam head is what you want for this bit, which I was a tiny bit unsure about's foam. Like, what is that gonna do? It does magic, that's what. You attach the head to the tool, which is extremely easy, then squeeze a little bit of the Microdermabrasion cream onto it and dot it around your face. You then switch it on, which makes it vibrate, and do it all around your face in circular motions for 2 minutes. I've found that the cream does smell a bit unpleasant but I'm used to that now and to me, it's absolutely worth it. The cream basically contains these little crystals and salicylic acid which does all the microdermabras-ing, and you can feel the crystals on your face when you go to wash it off. Then you just wash the heads after each use using soap and warm water, leave them to air dry and that's it!

I've been using it a LOT, more than I should be, and the results I've seen so far are pretty astounding. I took photos after using it for the first time, and then took another set in the same place just before posting. I'm so happy with the results, my spots are nowhere near as read as normal and I also find that my spots disappear a lot quicker. Obviously I still have some, as shown in the photos, but I feel like my skin overall looks so much better. (Left is before, right is after a few weeks use)

The tool itself costs £40 - which includes the little holder and 2 of each of the heads. You can also buy replacements of the heads at £8 for 2. The cream costs £39, which may seem a bit steep but there's enough product in there to last you up to 4 months. They have 3 different versions for different skin types, so investigate their website and see what you think is best for you.

This tool has become a staple in my skincare routine, and I can 100% see myself investing in more of the cream when I do run out. My skin isn't perfect yet, but I'm well on my way. If only there was a skincare product that would be the equivalent of 2L of water a day because I JUST CAN'T DO IT.

Have you ever tried microdermabrasion?



I don't think I've really ever done a first impressions post before, I pretty much always just do your bog standard reviews but we're mixing it up a little considering I've already taken beautiful photos and am very very eager to share them.

So I was fortunate enough to be sent a little box of goodies from the guys and gals over at Botanics - I have actually used this skincare before they revamped the packaging so I was very excited about it. Can we take a minute to talk about the new packaging? It's literally beautiful and it was a dream to photograph, you can't make them look bad. Not that you'd want to though. I've been testing these out for a few weeks now and I have genuinely fallen in love with the brand; I even bought some of my own products with my own money, as in not sent to me and I willingly bought them. That's when you know the relationship is #real. They have 4 ranges - organic, brightening, hydrating and for signs of aging. They also do shampoos and conditioners and those little nail scrubby brushes, they do EVERYTHING. They also sent me a cactus which made me weep with joy.

First up we have the 81% Organic Day Moisturiser - I found this to be quite strong smelling at first but that doesn't make it harsh on your skin or anything, plus the smell gets a lot nicer over time. It's quite thick, so you only need the tiniest bit to cover your whole face, but it sinks in really quickly and doesn't leave any oiliness or anything, as so many other daytime moisturisers seem to do to my skin. Seeing as I get up at 6am to get ready for work everyday, my morning skincare routine now consists of nothing - so to continue to get my Botanics fix I purchased the All Bright Night Cream.

I love me a good face spray, especially ones with rosewater. This one is a 100% Organic Refreshing Toning Spritz with rosewater and I pretty much wish I could bathe in it. I love the smell of rosewater and I use this obsessively on my no-makeup days. It makes my skin feel so alive and refreshed, it's also very good for waking you up if you're really tired because spraying stuff on your face is scary and cold. Rosewater is so beneficial for your skin and you can tell when you use it.

The All Bright Radiance Skin Balm is something I was a little unsure how to use at first - before my moisturiser? After my moisturiser? Instead of moisturiser?! I've found something that works for me though, I use it in the evenings before my moisturiser and in the mornings instead of moisturiser. The best part is it doubles as a primer, which I've actually found works insanely well. My face is left feeling ridiculously soft and hydrated, which stays with me all day. My makeup stays put and although there is some oiliness, which is probably due to me not washing my face in the mornings, it looks more like a healthy glow. I'll take that.

I don't use face scrubs a lot of the time because I do microdermabrasion a lot (post to follow) but I'd like to think I've given the All Bright Purifying Face Scrub a good go. It smells so relaxing so I take it into the shower with me and exfoliate my face in there. The cream alongside the beads means it's also quite moisturising so it doesn't leave my face feeling tight or like it's been stripped of anything, which is exactly what you want in an exfoliator.

I also purchased the All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum but I've not long started using it so I can't really comment on the effects of it just yet - what I can tell you is that it's quite a thick formula (I was expecting more of a liquid) but it has the same gorgeous, subtle, floral scent as the other products. I have no doubt it'll be just as amazing as everything else I've been trying.

So all in all I'd say that's quite a successul PR package/purchase I've had, I use these products pretty much daily now and they've become a staple in my skincare. I have an extremely long wishlist of other Botanics products to try out, and if your list is as long as mine then I have a code for you! You can use the code BOTANICS2 to get £2 off any product. Treat yo' self.

Have you ever tried any Botanics products?



I used to not really care about my hair at all - I would just wash it with any old shampoo and conditioner, put a heat protectant spray in and that would be it. It took my hair basically dying and becoming straw on my head for me to take a step back and think about what I could get to help get it back to it's formerly healthy state.

Firstly, I've stopped bleaching my hair. I used to get it bleached pretty much every month and whilst I did use Olaplex to help the condition, it was still so bad. I've not even booked another hairdressers appointment so that the temptation isn't there, I'm just letting it grow out and do whatever it wants basically. I dunno what I wanna do with my hair next, but bleaching is not an option. I've also been trying to use a lot less heat, so I'll let my hair air dry and braid it overnight for work and only do something nice with it on the weekends. I love having curly/wavy hair but I value sleep over looking good for work so braids are the perfect solution.

I'd never tried Aussie products until a few months ago, everyone (including my boyfriend) raved about them but I never saw the need to spend like £5 on shampoo and conditioner because that is expensive. But when my hair started snapping and looking like it was dead, I decided to just suck it up and try out the 3 minute miracle reconstructor stuff. I didn't think that it actually did anything at first, because I still had ridiculously dry hair, but I continued to use it every single time I washed my hair and now, that disgustingly dry hair is just a memory. It's still not fully restored because obviously, it has still been bleached and it's still blonde so there's always going to be a little bit of unhealthiness in there, but that comes with my choice to keep my hair light.

Another Aussie product is the hair oil, which I've had my eye on for a little while but only splurged on last month. I'm obsessed with this, the results from it are instant and amazing and I wouldn't expect anything less from such an amazing brand. I use this on dry hair after styling, I pump a little bit into my hands and then run it through the ends of my hair and I find it helps the condition of it massively as well as helping to loosen out any curls that I do. It's very quickly becoming my holy grail haircare product and I just keep investing in new Aussie pieces, I think they're my favourite haircare brand.

Another mask-like product I've been loving is the one that came in last months Glossybox - the Valquer ice mask. It really does make your head feel really cold, but it's refreshing in a way. My hair felt ridiculously silky after using it, and the cooling feeling stayed for a good while after washing it (which I'm not sure is a good thing but I didn't mind it). My split ends feel much less damaging and I feel like my hair also looks a lot healthier. If I use this alongside the Aussie 3 minute miracle mask, it makes my hair feel so good that I have to make a conscious effort to not stroke it.

Finally, a product that I have reviewed before but couldn't leave out, is the John Frieda Frizz-Ease serum. I was gifted this a few months ago and I'm still using it every single time I wash my hair. I let it air dry a little and then pop the serum in, and just like everything else, it makes my hair so smooth and it reduces frizz which is perfect. It's all well and good having hair that feels nice, but I'm also desperate for hair that looks healthier as well. The serum works really well for that, because I feel like frizz is a massive indicator that your hair sucks, basically.

What are your favourite haircare products?

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