Sorry for not posting a lot this month - Blogmas organisation is in full swing now! I've got my November favourites for you today, I've been loving quite a few new things this month which is pretty rare for me.


My hands get way too dry in the winter time, they crack and get really sore and it's all a bit of a mess. I picked this up the other week and boy, am I glad I did. This is my favourite smell in the world, I love gingerbread and now I can just open this and smell it whenever I want. It's so moisturising but not sticky and it doesn't take long to sink in, which is very useful as I need my hands.


Since leaving my favourite scarf on the bus a few years ago, I've been on the hunt for a new one. I had some vouchers left over from my birthday so when I spotted this in River Island I snapped it up straight away. It's so damn soft, and although I usually prefer snoods to the regular two-end kind of scarves I can totally get on board with this one.


These were in my November Glossybox, and I think they might just be my favourites. I've decided to stop doing my monthly Glossybox reviews - any products I really love will be mentioned in my monthly favourites, such as this one. The handles on this smell like raspberries, which is really what made me love them. That, and I'm in need of new, good razors. Once I;m out of these ones, I think I'll definitely repurchase them. I've only used them a few times but they smell of raspberries and I haven't cut my legs yet, which is good enough for me.


I got this jacket in the Black Friday sales and it's the best thing I've ever bought. I've been in need of a decent winter jacket for a while now, and this is definitely it. Although not ideal if it's raining, I will definitely be snug and stylish for the entirety of the cold weather. I never thought I'd be able to pull off fur jackets, but this one isn't too 'out there' and the colour will pretty much match everything. I may never take this off.


I'm completely in love with the little bow chokers that everyone seems to be wearing right now, I've already started a little collection. The only issue I'm having is that I can't wear them with turtlenecks, which is a catastrophe because I love turtlenecks too. Anyway, I think a little simple choker adds so much to an outfit, I can tell I'll get a lot of use out of these for a long time.

What have you been loving this month?



If you've read my BLOGOSPHERE EVENT post, you'll know I spent the first weekend of November in London! One of my favourite places. As well as going to the event we also managed to squish in a few other things over the short time we were actually there, so I thought I'd share a few pictures.

After arriving on the Friday and getting settled into our hotel, we went for an Italian (my all time favourite) and then went to see Wicked! I'd seen Wicked once before and loved it, we just had to take advantage of the fact it was showing on the Friday. It was even better the second time.

On Saturday morning we headed over to Camden Market, which was a nice treat for me and my camera. I got VERY snap-happy, unfortunately due to the naturally fast-paced London atmosphere, most of the photos didn't turn out so good.

We opted for Chinese for breakfast, of course. I made the foolish mistake of getting a large box. I ate approximately three bites before deciding I was full and giving up - I also didn't eat for the rest of the day so I'm not sure the Camden Market food agrees with me. The waffles looked damn good though!

Whilst in the Market I also picked up the cutest Game of Thrones t-shirt and a little elephant bracelet! Big up to my mum for buying these for me, my saviour when I had no cash on me.

On the Sunday morning we hauled our suitcases and bags over to Kensington Palace - another place which made my camera very happy. I can honestly say this is one of the prettiest places I have ever seen, I am desperate to live near Kensington Park so I can spend all my time there.

Did I mention the leaves? They have the crunchiest, most aesthetically pleasing leaves I've ever had the pleasure of standing on. You don't get much more Autumnal than that.

The trip was short but sweet - a trip to London never fails to make me happy. The pulled muscles in my back disagree.

What do you like to do in London?



After a weekend away in London and a busy week at work, I'm back! And finally getting the chance to blog about my first ever blogging event!

Last weekend I endured the gruelling 4.5 hour train journey down to London with my mum and sister to attend the Blogosphere Christmas event. Totally worth the travelling - I met some of my favourite bloggers and some lovely brands!

Included amongst these brands were So Fragrances, Latest in Beauty and 7th Heaven. My personal favourite was the London Tea Company; I'm a massive fan of flavoured teas so I was straight over sampling what they had to offer. I also received a generous amount of freebies from these brands, some of which I'll be talking about within the next week!

As previously mentioned, I was given the chance to meet so many amazing bloggers at this event. It was smaller than I had first thought it would be - which actually made me feel a lot better, I was a little freaked out that it would be a huge event and that didn't sit well with my anxiety. It was so strange meeting the bloggers I interact with on Twitter and look up to in the community, it was like meeting old friends! All the lovely ladies pictured will be linked below.

I'm really glad my first event just so happened to be a Blogosphere one. I'd seen a lot of tweets from their Summer Party and had plenty of people tell me how wonderful the people behind it all were; I feel so fortunate to have experienced it all first hand now. I hadn't previously read a Blogosphere magazine (shame on me!) but after being given the latest copy on my arrival, I will definitely be a regular reader! Inthefrow's segment has definitely inspired me to be more regular and determined with my blogging.

Plus, as a human who loves Christmas more than one probably should, an afternoon of Christmas songs and festivity never fails to impress me.

What was your first event like?

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