Another month, another favourites post. Comin' for ya November!

I was very organised this month and wrote out a list of my favourites before sitting down to write this so I didn't have the usual mad dash to round up anything I'd been loving that month.

First up we have a TV show - something not beauty, I know! I'm shocked too. My mum started watching Gilmore Girls a few months ago and finished the entire show in about a month and a half, then proceeded to nag me to watch it too. So a few weeks ago I started watching it too, and I'm hooked! I don't know why it has taken me this long to watch it - it's funny, heartwarming and just all-round amazing. It's definitely worth a watch, if you haven't already!

Champagne Pop by Becca is not a new release - I've had it for months and months and cry a little when I open it now because I've hit pan. This is the perfect Autumn highlighter - the soft peachy glow is so easily buildable and looks amazing on any skin tone. I usually build it up so it's at it's most intense; and then put another highlighter on top. Because if you aren't gonna go all out, is there much point in even wearing highlighter?

I had never tried anything from Gerard Cosmetics before, I'd also not heard many reviews on anything so I was very much going in blind with this brand. But I was pleasantly impressed! The Slay All Day setting spray is now my go-to setting spray - sorry Nyx! I love how you can get it in different scents; I went for Peach, my all time favourite smell ever. Every last drop of this sinks into your skin, I always think I've sprayed too much but if you just sit for a minute the moisture will sink in. I struggle a lot with oily skin, but you pretty much can't tell when I've used this. My new holy grail!

Another non-beauty item that I've been obsessed with - flavoured tea. I went through a funny spell with my anxiety a few weeks ago when I'd be feeling sick and tense pretty much 24/7. I figured the coffees and super sugary cups of tea weren't really helping a lot - so I went out and got some yummy sounding flavoured teas. My favourites are Camomile & Maple, Camomile & Honey and Camomile & Spiced Apple. I think I like Camomile. These were all relatively inexpensive and SO yummy, I tend to keep the teabag in for a stronger flavour and I feel calmed instantly. I have a cup a night now!

I won't say too much about this next thing because I'm planning a proper review post which will be up soon so keep an eye out! The Kylie Lip Kits are something that have been raved about by almost every beauty blogger I think, but I just never had any interest in buying any! It seemed like a lot of hassle to get your hands on one and the customs charge put me right off. But my mum got me some for my birthday! I got Mary Jo K and Posie K - the two shades I coincidentally had my eye on! Just to briefly review it, best liquid lipstick I've ever used.

So that's everything that I've been loving throughout October! That month went far too quickly for my liking. But now that Halloween's over, it's time to get prepared for Christmas! Is anyone as unprepared as I am? Blogmas and presents and Christmas-ifying my room. HELP.

What have you been loving through October?

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So I'm not sure if this is something that people will even be interested in but I got candles and I'm excited so you're hearing about them. COOL.

After the lovely MEG tweeted about how she'd been to B&M and picked up some Bath & Bodyworks dupe candles, I just knew I had to do the same. I mean, I'm a candle freak so it was gonna happen. B&M is one of those stores where they just have a bunch of really cheap crap that you think you need - you get tunnel vision and put everything in your basket. I left with 4 candles and a 10 pack of Space Raiders (crisps). SEE WHAT I MEAN! Good thing this isn't a haul post or I'd have to review the crisps for you. I've already had 3 packs and I feel a little queasy. Moving on...

The first candle I picked up was this massive 3 wick Winter Berries candle. This one is the sweetest scent of all the candles I picked up, which is the scent I lean towards more. Since it was £2.99 I'm not expecting all of the wax to burn - I'll probably get that big ring of wax round the outside whilst the wicks obviously burn down the rest. It's a nice scent though, it's not stupidly strong and I am actually burning it as I'm writing but I'm choked with the cold so I can't actually tell you how it smells whilst burning. Love that.

This scent is 100% my favourite of all of them. It just smells like Christmas. Which is probably different to a lot of people but my god this is so good. It doesn't smell like apples at all so the name is a little weird. It's not a sweet scent, but I'm not sure what the other ways of describing scents are. Musky? That makes it sound disgusting. It's a really nice scent for the A/W period though, so I'll probably burn this one last since it's my favourite. If I ever burn it. I might just sit smelling it forever.

 This is quite a vanilla-y scent but not sickly sweet like most vanilla candles. It's a non-sweet vanilla. Nailed it. This and Apple Orchard are definitely my favourites, they just smell so cosy. Is that even a thing? It is now. I actually don't know what else to say about this, there's only so much you can say about a candle. SMELLS GOOD.

This one is your very standard strong spicy candle smell - which I'm not a huge fan of but the B&M tunnel vision got me and I just needed all the vaguely Autumnal smelling candles. I'm also burning this one right now but can't smell anything, which is due to the phlegm not the candles. NICE. I'm not actually crazy about this scent which is why I'm burning it first - although the other two candles aren't sweet-sweet scents, they're sweeter than this one. This is as spicy as spicy scents come.

Another thing I love about these is the lids. THEY HAVE LEAVES ON THEM! Ahh the Autumnalness. I just love it. This is definitely my favourite season. ALSO all of these candles were only £2.99. How good is that?! I have a feeling this is only the start of my Autumnal candle obsession.

This one and the next one are late additions to this post, I bought them recently because I just can't resist a massive candle. These are by Yankee Candle and you can find them in supermarkets - this one is Holiday Magic and oh god it just smells like all the best Christmas candles in one. I actually don't even want to burn it because it smells too good.

This was a birthday present from my parents - it's not a particularly Autumnal scent but I still love it! It's very sweet, which I don't usually like, but for some reason I love this one. The cherry and the vanilla compliment each other well and it's an all round very pleasant smell!

What are your favourite Autumnal scents?

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I tried something a little different this month - before sitting down and writing my Glossybox review, I decided to try out each and every product for the duration of the month, and THEN review them! I'm sure this is actually what most people do but oh well. Late to the bandwagon again!


I've never actually used a cheek and lip duo before - they don't really appeal to me. I never seem to get it right and end up looking like I've used too much, especially on my cheeks. I've only ever used this on my lips; it's subtle enough to wear every day and it's a very pretty pink colour. It obviously doesn't have the best staying power and if I'm wearing something on my lips I like it to be super noticable, but it's nice anyway!


I must admit I'm not a huge fan of this. Mainly because it's such a light pink which really doesn't suit me! I can't say whether it delivered on all the other factors mentioned because I didn't keep it on for that long - I really did not like it. One thing I will say is that I love the adorable packaging!


I am obsessed with this! I love receiving any type of skincare in a Glossybox because I'm always looking for different things to freshen up my skincare routine. This smells so sweet and since it's an exfoliator, it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean and super duper soft! I'm also a huge fan of this packaging, the bees are so cute.


I haven't tried this shampoo out yet - I have a specific shampoo I use to help my dry scalp and give my hair volume so I'm hesitant when trying new shampoo's. I believe Estee revealed the brand on her blog (link HERE), I won't spoil it for you so go and check it out!


I'm not usually a fan of body creams or moisturisers or anything because I just don't use them! But actually, the few times I have used this it has left my legs so smooth. Even on my second day of not shaving, which is so rare because my leg hair grows back in so quickly. It also smells so dreamy and it's quite a decent size so I think this might last me a little while!


This is up there with one of my favourite things in this months box, this lipliner is from Primark and it's like a felt tip pen. I much prefer this to the pencil lipliners that feel like you're dragging them across your lips - this one glides! I was given this shadee in Midnight Crimson which is a lovely deep purple. Perfect, because I don't have any purple lipliners and it is now purple lipstick season! This stuff also stays on for AGES, that swatch didn't come off my hand no matter how hard I scrubbed. Pretty amazing for £3!

Please excuse my weird potato hand. Awkward angle.

So that's everything in this months box! Did you enjoy October's Glossybox?

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Another lil skincare review for you - this time on Jouve's skincare.

I was very kindly sent the Instant Tightening & Restoring Serum as well as the Dark Spot Corrector & Brightening Cream which I've been testing out over the past few weeks. First thing I noticed was how amazingly it was packaged! A+ for presentation. I was actually really well restrained and didn't rip into it until after I had taken photos. #number1blogger

I really like how in the boxes it came with a little intruction sheet that showed you where to put the stuff on your face! I mean, I pretty much just blobbed it all over my face anyway but it was nice to have the option to play by the rules.

SO LET'S GO. I'll start off with the Brightening Cream since that's the one I've been using a bit more. This one appealed a bit more than the Tightening Serum because I need my dark spots sorted more than I need my face tightening! This smells so good, it's so citrusy and I really love that. I feel like this has helped my cheeks the most, I've always had quite bag pigmentation around my cheekbones but I think this has definitely helped clear that up. I also find that my skin is left so hydrated and soft and it actually looks like it has some life to it.

I haven't been using the Tightening Serum as much because I felt like I couldn't get the amount of product right - I kept putting too much on and it would separate on my face. On the occasions where I didn't get too excited and squeeze half the tube out, I felt it worked really well. You can definitely feel it tightening your face when you put it on, which is a feeling I quite like (some might disagree). I'm still only young so I can't really judge whether it has reduced the appearance of fine lines but it also claims to improve the texture of skin, which is something I've found has worked. I've always had uneven texture and I feel like this has diminished considerably since using this.

Overall I really like both of these products - they both smell amazing and deliver the results that they promise. I'll be genuinely sad when the Brightening Cream runs out, it's one of those products you just know is doing some good.

These products were provided by www.jouveskin.com/tplifestyle - head over to their webside to get your hands on these fantastic products!


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For my birthday this year I decided to go the Enchanted Forest with my family & my boyfriend - I'm not one for drinking! I went to the Enchanted Forest when I was about 8 or 9, so the whole trip was really nostalgic for me. Basically it's a light show in a forest with music and you have the option to have a story told to you along the way. Unfortunately it rained the whole time we were there and I had a freak out over my camera not taking decent pictures - but I still enjoyed myself!

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