I'm not a big fan of going out to clubs. In fact, I'd go as far as to say I hate it. The few times I've been, I've left with my feet aching and haven't wanted to move at all the next day. I wish I knew about Roll-A-Sole back then - genius idea!

The company was created by Matt Horan - who decided he was fed up of giving his girlfriend a piggy back home every time they went out. They come packed away in a neat little box - which includes a 10% off code and a 'high heel carry bag' for you to put your heels in - which definitely beats carrying them.

I chose to style the shoes with a red dress a bought in Italy - possibly my favourite outfit yet. These shoes would be so easy to style, given that black and white goes with absolutely everything!

Just having a Marilyn moment

I received my Roll-A-Sole shoes* in a cute black and white dot print (which totally reminds me of a dalmation) but they had so many options! I'm currently eyeing up a few more pairs that I may have to order! These are so easy to style, and so comfortable. Admittedly, at first I thought because you are able to fold them up that they would dig in to my heels, but they don't do that at all! After what feels like weeks of all my shoes giving my horrible blisters, these are such a nice relief. They're super purse friendly as well - prices vary from £7.95 to £19.95! Totally worth it in my opinion, they're stylish, comfortable and very well made!




*PR sample but all photos/opinions are my own.


I've been debating for a while on whether or not to write this post. I've not read many about the negative effects of the pill (one, to be precise) so I think it would be important to call attention to. This post will be very word-heavy because I'm not sure what photos I can include so if you don't like reading a lot and prefer looking at pretty photography, I'd leave now!

I've been on the pill for just under 2 years - the first I was on was Rigevidon. I believe this pill came under fire not long ago because it was causing blood clots - my good friend Eilidh wrote a post about whole topic is HERE. Anyway, I was on that for a good year and a half and it was fine; I needed it as contraception and to help my acne ridden skin. It worked as contraception obviously, I don't have a baby, as much as I would like one. But it failed to help my skin get any better - so I went back to the doctor and 3 months ago I was put on Clairette. This is where the problems started.

I didn't realise it at the time, but being on this pill caused some of the most depressive states I've ever been in. I turned into a very mean, very very angry person, and it had begun to affect the people I care about most. The worst thing is this pill has actually done wonders for my skin. I only get the odd pimple here and there, but I can't stand how it makes me act. I didn't know about the side effects - I wasn't told nor did I check. I hadn't experienced any side effects on Rigevidon so it didn't occur to me that Clairette would evoke such a reaction. I lost any and all sex drive too - I just wasn't interested in it, and honestly it was causing such a strain on my relationship. Pair that with the fact we were arguing non-stop because of my mood swings and you're basically near the end. I'm honestly surprised my boyfriend stayed with me.

Eventually my mum stepped in and told me she was worried about me - I had lost interest in all activities, I rarely wanted to leave my bed and I don't even think I was blogging much (you probably didn't notice because I was on the ball with my scheduling & draft posts). She was worried my being on this pill was leading to depression - which is a super scary thought. It never occured to me that being on the pill would have such a drastic effect on my life. I'm currently waiting for my doctors appointment so I can get off this devil pill and find another contraceptive/acne thing. I'm over contraceptive pills now.

I asked a few lovely bloggers to write about their experiences for me to include to show just how varied the side effects are. All guest bloggers will be linked.



Three years ago I began taking the combined contraceptive pill, Yasmin. After three months, I realised it was affecting my body hugely; my moods would swing easily (although this could just be part of puberty), my libido decreased dramatically and the pill appeared to “dry out” my vagina. These changes made sex painful and no longer pleasurable, resulting in me having cystitis and/or thrush for three months. As soon as I stopped taking Yasmin, my body returned to its usual state. I then began taking the combined contraceptive pill, Rigevidon. After taking it for two years and having no problems at all, I began hearing horror stories from friends that it was causing DVT (deep vein thrombosis), made you much more prevalent to heart attacks and in rare cases, resulting in death. Since then I have not taken any contraceptive pill.


In comparison with other girl gang members my experience with the pill has been pretty plain sailing, so much so that I worried I wouldn’t have enough to say for this post. I’ve now been on the pill for 5 years, the entirety of my adult life. On the whole, it doesn’t seem to have had too many gross effects. It has never made me spottier, more bloated or turned me into more of an emotional mess than I was already! I do realise that I am part of a lucky few who can say this. However, I have an admission… I am pretty clueless when it comes to what the pill actually does. Obviously I understand that it prevents pregnancy, but on a day to day basis I don’t really understand what I’m putting in my body. I went to the GP when I was 17 and was prescribed the cheapest pill the NHS offers and I have been taking it, pretty blindly, ever since. Any time I go to the doctor to discuss an alternative to the pill l seem to leave the appointment with another pack of pills, a leaflet and an increased sense of confusion. Personally, I feel there is a real lack of accessible information surrounding contraception for women. This makes conversations such as this one, about both the positive and negative effects of taking the pill, even more important to have!


One of my worst pill experiences was when I was, like Immy, on Yasmin. Everything was totally fine until a couple of months in, and then my sex drive just shrivvled up and died. Honestly. And this went on for around 6 months before I finally realised what the problem was. (some tiny – and I mean several Google pages deep tiny – internet forum made me see the light). That was 6 months of me and my then-boyfriend thinking something was wrong with us, and 6 months of pressure on a relationship that was already long distance, and so was hard enough work already thank you very much. The fact that there isn’t a frank discussion about these issues makes it really hard to figure out what the cause is if you are going through a problem like this. Society’s expectations and pressures on men and women to be having a certain amount or type of sex already are hard enough to navigate, but when you add a further pressure, it can make it really hard. 6 months is a long time to feel like you aren’t good enough.


I started on the Pill when I was 17. I was told I couldn’t go on the Combined Pill because I get migraines with aura, (the flashy, wiggly things in your vision) so I’d have to go on Cerelle, the Mini-Pill, instead, a progestogen-only pill. You take this every day but your periods may become ‘erratic’. Okay. What’s the worst that could happen? Three months later, when I’m told my side-effects should “calm down”, I’m having my second period from this pill, except this is the eighth week it’s been going on for and I’ve lost about a stone and I’m generally looking pretty sickly. But it’ll get better right?

Fast forward almost two years. Still going on the mini pill, except my constant, erratic and unpredictable periods have gone the other way. They have begun to spread out and it’s been three months since my last period. I’m starting to get concerned. But I stick it out and it arrives, returning with a vengeance. Ouch. But this is better than constant bleeding. But this is when it goes bad again. They come back to being far too often and I have 7 periods between the middle of February and the end of May. Oh good, my favourite side-effect, you know, other than the constant crying, exhaustion and mood swings. But that’s the last straw, I text my friend to tell her I’d come back on and she tells me I need to go to the doctors or she’ll drag me there herself. Oh.
So I go to the doctors and tell her my problem. “what do you want from me?” 10/10 customer service, but anyway. She tells me to try the combined pill Rigevedon, to see if my periods get any better, but my migraines might return. Worth a try, I thought. So I started taking them, and my period got lighter and lighter until it finished magic. And it stayed away for the whole pack. Until one morning I woke up with a pain in my head and swirling patterns in my vision. Brilliant. It’d been about a year since I’d had one. So that was that day written off. But my period stayed away until it was time for it to come back. However it did come back like nothing I’ve ever felt. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been in as much pain, while my friend who is on the same brand tells me she barely feels her periods anymore. Oh, just me then? I’m currently two and a half months into my three month trial and I’ve already had my second migraine, so it looks like soon I’m going to have to choose between the pills. Monthly migraines or constant bleeding and exhaustion. Sounds great, can’t wait.
Side effects of the pill aren't spoken about enough. It's all fine to speak about the dangerous ones - such as Rigevidon's blood clot side effect - but what about the ones that threaten relationships and your mental health? If you've had a bad pill experience, please leave a comment. I'd be very interested in reading how many of you have had experiences similar to myself, Jodie, Immy, Charlie and Rosie.






Another collab for you this week! This time with the gorgeous CHARLOTTE. We decided to write about 5 ways you could make yourself feel more beautiful! All Charlotte's links will be at the bottom of this post!


As someone who wears the exact same hairstyle every day, I love to experiment and see what else I can get to look good. I rarely wear my hair straight (it's always curly/wavy) so on the off chance I do, I tend to get a few compliments! I'm also starting to experiment with more braided hairstyles and will hopefully be posting a few of my attempts, so keep your eyes peeled! Pinterest is a great place to get hairstyle inspiration, most of them look too impossible to get right but it can't hurt to try! I also love dyeing my hair - nothing feels better than just having had your hair done. I'm currently in the process of dyeing my hair silver (gradually so I don't ruin it) and I can't wait until it's done!


I'm extremely guilty of buying things to make myself feel better. I probably shouldn't encourage you to spend lots of money but I really think it's one of the best ways to make yourself feel better. I mean, how good do you feel when you go out wearing new clothes or having done your makeup differently? I put up a summer sales haul post a few days ago which you can read HERE in case you need any inspiration of where to shop!


There's nothing I love more than doing a facemask, having a long shower (i hate baths), fake tanning and pampering my skin with almost every skincare item I have. I suffer with mild acne, and have done for so many years, so I take a lot of time throughout the week to do face masks and anything I can to improve my skin. I love to use my Body Shop tea tree oil face mask, I've used it since I was 13! I will also be posting an updated skincare routine soon, but you can find my old routine HERE.


Pretty hands make me feel prettier. I have quite ugly hands but if I paint my nails, or even put fake nails on, it makes them slightly better. My current favourite nail polishes are the New Look Pure Colour ones, I reviewed them HERE. I also love Elegant Touch falsies - although they never seem to want to stay put on my nails!


I dunno about you, but I always feel on top of the world when I do my makeup all nice and perfect. Day to day I usually just go for the basics - my base, eyebrows and some mascara. But sometimes it's nice to go all out and do eyeliner and a full contour because it genuinely does make me feel beautiful. I think that's probably my top tip - you are beautiful without makeup but sometimes it's nice to take the time to really go all out with your makeup.

What do you like to do to feel more beautiful?


Contact me -


So I had originally planned to do this post a lot sooner but I just kept buying and buying and buying...As I'm writing this, I'm still waiting on two parcels. That's how bad I am. Who gave me money?

I spent a LOT of money on sale stuff. I'm not even sure where to start, or if I can remember what I got but I'll give it my best shot!


From new look I picked up this high neck camel coloured bodycon dress. I'm pretty sure it was only £7. What the HELL. How good is that?! Usually when things are £6 it's because there's only a size 14 or something left, but low and behold they actually had a size 8?! The only thing about this is it's kinda see through so white underwear is a must.

 (Ignore my blackboard - I have written Alex back)
Next from New Look I got this red wraparound top. I've been kinda obsessed with red since a lady in Italy told me red is my colour and now I make a dive for anything and everything red! I thought this top would be really low cut but it's actually not! A part of me is gutted because I have a couple of nice lace bralet's that would look so adorable poking out. This top was only £8, another great bargain!

I also picked up this denim dress that I'm now unsure about. I don't own any denim dresses and thought this would be cute in summer and in winter, but as of now I don't know if it suits me. Leave me some comments and let me know what you think!

 I know I forgot to do a button, it's annoying me more than you.

So this is a bit of a funny one. I hate velvet with a burning passion, it's the worst feeling in the world and it actually makes me want to be sick but I bought a velvet bodysuit. I know, what was I thinking right??! It's not velvet on the inside and I don't actually have to touch it besides taking it off and putting it on. It looks nice anyway so it's worth it.

The final thing I got from New Look is this black and white skirt. They had this in white and blue as well but I opted for the black and white because why start wearing colour now? I like how sophisticated this skirt could be and also how casual it could be - it looks so nice paired with the velvet bodysuit!


I restrained myself from looking at Asos for so long because I just knew I wouldn't be able to resist. And then one boring Friday I found myself on there and I, obviously, ordered a few (a lot of) things. First up is this amazing blue crop top. I don't own anything this shade of blue and it is VERY out there and summery, but the thing that attracted me to it was the back. It's completely open, so obviously a bra is not an option! I wore it last week and the fact I couldn't wear a bra was becoming a little bit of an issue - worth it though. 

Next from Asos is this Khaki long sleeved top. I think Zoella has this? It sits so nicely on, so nicely that I actually went back and ordered the same top in white. Because if it looks good, why not start a collection? I love to wear this with my Maybelline Vivid Matte liquid lipstick in Orange Shot (which I also got in the Asos sale for £4) because I think the colours look really good together. That might just be me trippin' though.

Another thing I got from Asos is a plain white tshirt with a little cactus on it. I loved this, the little cactus is SO cute!! 


From Zara I got this V-neck pink slouchy tshirt. I love it, I wear it all the time. It's so gorgeous with a lace bralet underneat or even just with a normal bra. The Zara sale was very overwhelming, they just had clothes thrown about the place to it was hard to get a proper look.

The next thing I got from Zara technically isn't a sale item but it was too gorgeous to leave out. It's a grandad shirt (is that what they're called? the weird collars?) with adorable little cocktails on it!! I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it.


So technically not a sale item again but I wanted to include it. I've been eyeing up this top on Boohoo for so long - but they never ever had it in my size! I had also regularly been checking Depop with no luck there either, but last week it just so happened to pop up in my size! I can't even explain how happy I was!

So I think that's everything I bought - I'll probably go to get dressed and find something that I forgot to add or spend more money in the sales and have to do another post, but that's it for now!

Have you been summer sales shopping yet?

Contact me -


I am a huge fan of The Body Shop - skincare and makeup are two of my favourite things and they stock both. I always feel a little overwhelmed going in, everyone is so nice and there are just so many products to play with! Myself and JODIE decided to collaborate and talk about our 3 favourite items from The Body Shop - I will leave all her links at the end of this post, be sure to check her out!


(Fun drinking game - take a shot every time I say oil)

My favourite thing in the world. Tea tree oil has been my saviour for so many reasons. At first I was very unsure about putting oil on my already too oily skin, but it hasn't increased the oiliness. What it has done instead, is massively reduce scarring and dark marks (deatheaters) left over from previous spots. It also leaves my skin crazy smooth and soft after every use. I try to not use this in the morning because the excess oil will alter the state of my makeup but it's perfect to use at nighttime - the oil has soaked in by morning and my skin is normal.

The only bad thing I have to say is it's SO EXPENSIVE. It's like £8 for a 10ml bottle, which is very small and doesn't last very long! I can look past this though, I've wanted clear skin for the longest time and if this helps me acheive it, it's a small price to pay.


Another tea tree item! Love me some tea tree. I think this was the first face mask I ever used - back when I was like 13 and the tea tree face mask was all the rage. I still love it though, and although I defer from it slightly and I use other face masks, this is a must have in my collection. Tea tree is good for acne and I like to use this face mask when my skin is feeling particularly bad. I think the fact I've been repurchasing this since I was 13 speaks for itself - it's an amazing, relatively cheap face mask that works wonders.


The final of my 3 is a good old classic body butter - mine is 'Early-Harvest Raspberry' and personally I think it smells like Christmas. I thought it was Cranberry scented at first, but nope! I think maybe I got this at Christmas time or something because I can't think of why else it would remind me of that?! I like to use this after shaving, before I go to bed. It takes a while to sink in so I need to do it a little while before I go to bed or I'll stick between my sheets.

Because it is a more heavy duty moisturiser it does leave my skin the softest it could ever be - so that little bit more effort rubbing it in definitely feels worth it. If I want a lighter moisturiser (as I usually do in summer) I will opt for The Body Shop sorbet in the Moringa scent. Much lighter, and such a summery scent!

One product that I think deserves a special mention (although it has not been photographed) is my Camomile Cleansing Butter. Unfortunately, I had to ruin the packaging in order to get to the actual product, which was so disappointing! It's now pretty much unphotographable, but once I repurchase I will be sure to include it in some reviews or a favourites post (spoilers!).


What are your favourite The Body Shop products?



My July Glossybox actually came on time so I can review it IN JULY!! I was very pleasantly
surprised. Anyway, I loved this months box a lot more than last months, I can pretty much guarantee everything will be getting used!

Again, so beautifully packaged and again, I tore into it before photographing. It's just too exciting!! Lets get started!


As well as keeping you fresh in the heat, this anti-perspirant works double duty by helping to combat unwanted underarm hair.

A FULL SIZED PRODUCT!! A full 250ml of deodorant!! Holy moly. I don't actually use spray anti-perspirants, I use roll-ons, but I'm really intrigued by this. Soft & Gentle is a brand I used to love too, so I know I can trust them! I'm slightly skeptical about the whole 'hair minimise' thing but I suppose I'll have to give it a go and see!


This densely bristled brush coats every lash for maximum impact. The formula also contains keratin proteins to nourish.

I've never actually tried a Collection mascara before, but I swear by their concealer. I've been too in love with Roller Lash to actually try any drugstore mascaras but I'll be giving this a fair go!


This ergonomically designed brush fits into the palm of your hand to carefully detangle wet hair without snagging and tugging.

I'm not sure about this brush, I have used it but I think I prefer my Tangle Teezer. It's the perfect travel size but I wouldn't dare travel with it because there's nothing to protect the bristles! I just find it's too small and tricky to tame my incredibly tuggy hair. Like seriously, I brush it and 2 minutes later it's tuggy again. This brush unfortunately doesn't seem to combat that!


The short, dense synthetic fibres make this brush ideal for applying liquid, cream or powder makeup.

I was WAY too excited to see a brush included in this months Glossybox. Like, beyond acceptable excited. I haven't used this yet, I was waiting to photograph it (good blogger) but I'm so excited to! It feels so soft and I've read a couple of good reviews on it already. It retails at £11.99 so I don't think it would be a cheapy brustles-falling-out kinda brush.


Enriched with antioxidants, vitamins C, B5, B6, B9 & K, the anti-ageing nutrient Hyaluronic acid & an all organic tanner- this super moisturising night crème is all you need to give your face that holiday glow.

This one wasn't included in the 'Discover The Box' leaflet, which I thought was weird! But anyway, basically this is a gradual face tanner. I like gradual tanners, they're harder to mess up than instant tanners! I'll need to tan my body up a little bit before using this because I'm startlingly pale right now, but I think I'll get some use from this. I hate being pale!

So overall, I was super impressed with this Glossybox and I can't wait to see next months!

If you got this months Glossybox, did you enjoy it?


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